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AJACS Compiler



The AJACS Compiler System

Detailed information about the compiler systems itself will be available soon.

Benchmark Results

First benchmark results are promising, measured with artificial test programs (GCD, see below) as well as with the wirde spread SPEC benchmarks (SPEC/JVM98). Figure 1 shows the performance measurements for the "Compress" benchmark of the SPEC/JVM98(*), compared to standard Java environments with Just-In-Time native compilers from SUN-JDK 1.4 and IBM-JDK 1.3.


Numbers are execution times measured in seconds, smaller numbers are better. Measurements have been performed on a Linux PentiumIII system, 850MHz. The benchmarks have been modified to fulfill the I/O constraints of the AJACS environment.


(*): Not every benchmark of the SPEC test suite is applicable to the AJACS environment.


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