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The AJACS Initiative

AJACS is a two-year project partially funded by the European Commission. Its objective is to specify, develop and demonstrate an open technology allowing the use of Java in deeply embedded automotive ECUs such as engine control systems.

An open technology is being defined that will:

bulletrely on existing standards of the automotive industry, in particular OSEK/VDX,
bulletfully retain the benefits expected from object oriented language programming in terms of software structuring, reusability, dependability,
bulletfully retain the WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) and robustness attributes associated with Java,
bulletsupport the same kind of real-time constraints which non Java based ECUs currently handle,
bullettarget the type of electronic configurations that are in use in the industry: 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers and memory footprints ranging from 64 Kbytes to several hundred Kbytes (ROM) for the whole system.

Mechanisms and APIs are being defined to:

bulletsupport typical standards of automotive control systems, e.g. specific APIs for diagnosis, communication, and network management, support the OSEK/VDX standard, and coexist with OSEK/VDX based applications written in C,
bulletconform to future Java deeply embedded standards and Java real-time standards,
bulletaddress typical timing constraint issues for automotive control systems,
bulletaddress programming language issues such as
bulletmemory management issues (e.g. garbage collection, persistent objects),
bulletsynchronization issues (e.g. priority inversion),
bulletsupport for asynchronous external events (e.g. support of interrupt handlers in Java),
bulletsupport for asynchronous thread notification,
bulletaddress distributed communication and multiplexing needs (e.g. use of CAN, subsystem management),
bulletallow for the right level of CPU performance (e.g. native code generation), and allow the development of device drivers in Java.

AJACS work will is being carried out in close collaboration with currently available specification efforts (Java Community Process, J consortium, OSEK/VDX).

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